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Aquatec® is registered trademark of Duton Industry Co. Ltd, Bestas A.S is the exclusive distributor of Turkey, Blacksea, Caspian Sea and Middle East.

Nemosub® is registered trademark of Bestas A.S.

 Video, Lighting and Communication Systems
 Regulators and Accessories
 Gauges & Spare Parts
 BCD & Accessories
 Air Tanks, Valves and Accessories
 Masks & Snorkels
 Dive Knives
 Weight Belt & Accessories
 Safety Packs & Float ASSM
 Repair and Maintenance
 Bags and Boxes


Spare Air Source


Spare Air


Extre AIR


Oxygen Kit


Steel Tank - 18 L.


Steel Tank - 15 L.


Steel Tank - 12 L.


Aluminum Tank - 11,1 L.


Aluminum Tank - 7L.


Aluminum Tank - 3L


Aluminum Tank - 0,5 L.


Yoke Tank Pressure Tester


Tank Pressure Equalizer


Single Tank Back Pack


Tank Spacer


TH-2 Tank Holder 7,25" ID


TH-1 Tank Holder 8" ID


TH-5 Tank Holder 8" ID


Tank Mesh


Boot for Aluminum Tank


8" Boot for Steel Tank


Tank Spacer


Tank Valve With yoke adapter


Tank Valve With yoke adapter - Aluminum


H Valve


din/int adaptor


Tank Valve Cap


Hand Wheel (Rubber)


Hand Wheel (Plastic)








Tank Valve Seat


Telfon Washer


Sip Tube


NBR O-ring


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