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Aquatec® is registered trademark of Duton Industry Co. Ltd, Bestas A.S is the exclusive distributor of Turkey, Blacksea, Caspian Sea and Middle East.

Nemosub® is registered trademark of Bestas A.S.

 Video, Lighting and Communication Systems
 Regulators and Accessories
 Gauges & Spare Parts
 BCD & Accessories
 Air Tanks, Valves and Accessories
 Masks & Snorkels
 Dive Knives
 Weight Belt & Accessories
 Safety Packs & Float ASSM
 Repair and Maintenance
 Bags and Boxes


BC-87 Elite Pro BCD


BC-86 Elite Tec BCD


BC-66 Atlas Tec BCD


BC-65 Atlas BCD


BC-25 Sunny BCD


BC-3S Child BCD


BC-002 Horse Collare BCD


3-in-1 Power Inflator


Compact 2 Power Inflator


Scub-Alert Power Inflator


Power Inflator System


Power Inflator System with Sub Alert


Power Inflator System with Air 3 Alert


Inflator Hoses


Low Preasure Hose


Fin Holder With Mask Keeper


Back Pad


Stainless Steel Back Pack


Plastic Back Pack


Tank Strap


Tank Strap Buckle


Octopus Holder


House Clip


Mouth Piece Holder


BCD Valve Retainer Tool Set


Buckle - 25mm


Buckle - 38mm


Buckle - 50mm


BCD Weight Pocket


Hoses Holder


O / P Valf Silicone Disc


BCD Weight Pocket Buckle


Steel D-Ring and Hook


AH-380 Dual-Alert


AH-150 Scub-Alert


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